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Script for the New Dad #1 .
As the dad of a two year old, I often feel like a babysitter, and I regularly find myself on the sidelines not knowing when to jump in and do something.  I know how to do most things involved in the day-to-day operations of raising a child.  Then why don’t I just do it? Show #1 script continues here

Script for the New Dad #2 .
The pre-baby days when you could go out to a restaurant without thinking to hard about it may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean that future evenings at a sit down restaurant offering real silverware is totally out of the question.  The only thing is that now you have to do what most of us real guys don’t mind doing:  strategize.    Show # 2 script continues here

Script for New Dad Show #3
Is my child a car kid?  Car kids tend to be able to sit comfortably in their car seats for extended periods of time.  They like to look out the window while in motion and are generally content to be in the car.  If your kid is also chatty and full of smiles while riding along, you are the parent of a car kid.  Show #3 script continues here

Script for New Dad Show #4
If your toddler is anything like mine, and I suspect he or she is, you are constantly being challenged by your little person to react.  You probably find yourself asking the question “Is he trying to piss me off?”  The short answer is yes.  Your kid does want to see you angry, and agitated.  But he also wants to see you laugh and smile.  Show #4 script continues here

Script for Show #5
 A couple of months ago Devin started saying “Mommy stupid,” in daily conversation and it was usually out of the blue, although he sometimes said it when he was asked a question involving his mother.   Show #5 script continues here

Script for Show #6
Recently I took the day off to care for Devin, my two year old son.  I felt kind of obligated to do it being that the previous day his mother left work early, picked the kid up from daycare, took him to the pediatrician, went and got his prescription filled, all before I got home from work and all with the sick baby in tow.   Show #6 script continues here|

(no script for special holiday show #7)

Script for Show #8
After changing Devin’s diaper my wife grabbed the baby wipes, and the soiled diaper and ritualistically put those things in their proper place.  The only problem is that she forgot to take the baby powder.  My wife and I both know that leaving an open container of powder within reach of Devin is a definite “no no,” yet somehow it was forgotten.   Show #8 script continues here

Script for Show #9
Most often when a father hugs his child it’s one of those “way to go!” or “aren’t you the cutest little thing!” or “show me where it hurts” hugs and is spontaneous.  We don’t really plan on hugging our kids, we just do it and move on.  The child’s response is usually a smile, sometimes a giggle and she walks away from the moment feeling loved and comforted.  But you can never fully appreciate the true power of a hug until you make a conscious decision to give your child a hug the next time she is totally out of control in the throes of a tantrum.   Show #9 script continues here

Script for Show #10
Top ten reasons being a dad is great fun....very original.  Show #10 script continues here

Script for Show #11
 Not too long ago I was picking up Devin from daycare when I had a real ah-ha moment.  I have quite a few of those moments, and quite often, but this one was particularly disturbing because I should have seen it for what it was long ago.  Show #11 script continues here

Script for Show # 12 (soon to be posted).

Script for Show #13
I have been trying with very limited success to potty train our less than interested son Devin.  Show #11 script continues here

Script for Show #14
It’s a bad idea to have your child associate goodies and treats with unacceptable behavior.  We see it all the time, a stressed parent, usually one of us dads, pleading with a tantruming child to please calm down and saying those dreadful words “If you calm down I’ll buy you an ice cream.”  Show #11 script continues here

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