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  If you are from Europe or North America, most people agree that one out of six guys will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in a normal lifespan. This website has over two hundred pages of current doctor and patient cures and treatment information.  Take your time to read through these articles on prostate cancer and help save your life. 
Prostate Cancer truths. 
  1. You are alive.  You are alive today and if you were just now diagnosed, even with an advanced stage of prostate cancer, it is not at all likely that you are going to die anytime soon from prostate cancer.  We see men at our prostate cancer support groups enjoying life for many years after diagnosis.
  2. You are not alone.  This web site gets thousands of hits every day, and many of those reading this have been diagnosed just like you have.
  3. Just because you have biopsy proven cancer cells in your prostate, does not mean that they will cause your death, or even cause you physical problems.  Think of it this way.  You have feces and urine in your body all the time...the idea may not be pleasant, but you won't necessarily die from it.
  4. Feeling worried means that you are having a healthy response to hearing a doctor tell you that cancer cells are in your prostate.  We would be worried about you if you were happy!
  5. Know absolutely that you are already doing the most important thing towards saving your life....that is, reading this and seeking out information.  You will be well served to read more from the articles that you can click on the left side of this web page.  Read only as much as you can absorb and then take a break and return later.  A few days of information gathering will raise your confidence in whatever treatment choice you will make, and thus, go a very long way towards making you feel happier than you do right now.

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Staging Prostate Cancer
Lymph Nodes

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