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Workshop and Support Group Schedule 

LGBT Lesbian, Gay, Transgender and Bisexual CANCER SUPPORT GROUP


CaliforniaIndiana,  Kansas,   Minnesota ,  New Jersey,  New YorkOregon,  Texas,  WashingtonOnline Groups
Malecare support  groups are always free.  Best are groups that meet every week or two --- beware of  "monthly support groups"  promoting individual doctors or hospitals.  Online groups provide a way for men to connect, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Article - Why go to a support group, written by a guy with prostate cancer

Support Groups in New York City, meeting every week in Manhattan at:

Every Wednesday at 6 PM  Note: 
Beth Israel Medical Center, 10 Union Sq. East, between 14th & 15th St, Beth Israel Hospital  Fourth Floor Cancer Center Library For men interested in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in all stages.
3rd Monday of the month,
 at 6:30PM
St Vincent's Cancer Center. 325 West 15th Street, ground floor.  Ask reception for room number.            
Focus on Gay Men  diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

 First Monday of the month at 6PM,
Monday Monthly Group  Diagnosed, Guys in Treatment, Guys who have completed Treatment, Spouses, Partners, Caregivers and Adult children Welcome!      St Vincent's Cancer Center. 325 West 15th Street, ground floor conference room  Open to everyone interested, treated,  or diagnosed with prostate cancer.
 email or Call 212 844 8369 for schedule Beth Israel Medical Center, 10 Union Sq. East, between 14th &15th St, Beth Israel Hospital  Fourth Floor Cancer Center LibraryErectile Dysfunction Group
 Call 212 673 4920 for more information Next meetings in September, 2007

7 pm - 9 pm

In Memorium: Ron Koster "Prostate 101" Support Group  meets at the Hurley Reformed Church in Hurley, NY  Email for more informationOpen to all
 Male Breast Cancer New York  group:    email for schedule 
New York State Prostate Cancer Coalition
First Wednesday of each Month @ 7 PM

MCC Church
2950 East 55th Place               Indianapolis, INDIANA 46220

John Keiber, Moderator                  Phone: 317-294-3851

Open to gay/bisexual men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer at any stage of treatment. Partners  welcome.
2nd Monday of every month 7:30 P.M"Wichita, Kansas prostate cancer support group meets the . at Via Christi St. Joseph Medical Center, McNamara Center.    Contact:" Attendance free and open to everyone.
Second Sunday of the month. . We meet from 1:15pm until about 3pm. Minnesota

Meeting place changes from time to time Please contact group leader, Sid Guthrie, or phone # (612) 267-3616. for meeting location

Open to gay/bisexual men who are diagnosed with prostate cancer at any stage of treatment. Partners  welcome.
Wednesday, 7:30 Call  Russ at 972- 247-7944 for next meeting time.Dallas /  Fort Worth, Texas Prostate Group at the Church Center next to Bethany Presbyterian Church, 4523 Cedar Springs Road, which is North of the Tollway from the crossroads   Dallas/Fort Worth   Open to all, gay focused
1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. 7-8:30 pm contact: 713.529.0037 (MCC), 713.398.2397 (DL)

Houston, Texas
Montrose Counseling Center, 401 Branard Street,  (at Milam - Fitness Exchange building)  2nd Floor, Rm 254

Open to all, gay focused
First Thursday of every monthMalecare New Jersey  7PM - 9PM  at the Monmouth Medical Center, Room SH-114, Long Branch, NJ.Open to all
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month from 6:00-7:30 pm Room B704 of the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1600 Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA  94115.
 For more information , Vittorio Comelli (510) 204-5626
focused on gay men with prostate cancer and their partners.
contact Los Angeles, California from 7pm to 9pm, at 5740 York Blvd. in Highland Park -Please enter on the side door of the building on Milwaukee.  Please ring the bell.Open to all, gay focused
first Thursday evening of each month
Portland Oregon Male Breast Cancer Awareness Group 7 to 9 PM at the Good Samaritan Hospital & Medical Center, 1015 NW 22nd Avenue.  We meet in the Wister Morris Conference Room on the main floor of the main Bldg.  There is free parking in Parking Garage #2 on Marshall St.  For information on our group or activities contact:   
 Lowell Gere, 503-723-9087,
 Dave Lyons, 503-844-5949,
Bob Miller, 503-761-4392 or
Open to all
7-10 PM CT Male Breast Cancer telephone support line.  Facilitated by William Woodfill, twelve year plus male breast cancer survivor
Call 212 673 4920 or email  for schedule  New York City Testicular  Cancer group  Meeting times and locations vary month to monthOpen to diagnosed guys only
email for next lecture in October to all
Subscribe to advancedprostatecancer
Online Support Group for Men With Prostate Cancer that did not respond adequately to primary treatment.  Male and female, gay and straight, are all welcome.  The group will focus entirely on issues generated by men diagnosed with advanced or recurrent/reoccurring prostate cancer.
Subscribe to prostatecancerunder50

Men under the age of 50 and diagnosed with prostate cancer, pose unique questions and issues. This listserv provides a forum for younger guys with prostate cancer to ask their questions and voice their concerns. Facilitated by a guy in his thirties who was treated in 2002.

Subscribe to shalomprostate

Men with prostate cancer who speak Hebrew.  Shalom Prostate Listserv. This virtual support group is for men interested in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer in all stages.

Gay men with prostate cancer meet and discuss health, treatment and life on our Gay Men with Prostate Cancer Listserv.  You are invited to join!Send an email to  with your name, location and the word, "subscribe" in the subject line. 

  1. -     Understand  treatment decisions

  2. -     Helps reduce anxiety, tension and depression.

  3. -     Build supportive and social bonds

  4. -     Weekly meeting allow patients to process and express their feelings in the safety of  peers they have gotten to know.

  5. -     Weekly groups allow group leaders to follow and respond to the needs and concerns of patients.

  6. -     Designed to help men from diagnosis through treatment and recovery.

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