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Prostate Cancer Wristbands

Priced at cost to save more lives.   No one wasted thousands of dollars on marketing focus groups or hiring art directors to create these wristbands.  Malecare spends every penny on men's cancer programs and we are happy to support this economical effort to spread prostate cancer awareness and hope. 

These wristbands are designed and financed entirely by prostate cancer survivor Rick Ward.  Working on his own, using his own resources, Rick is making and shipping these wristbands.

Prostate Cancer Wristband
Model # W3010

Prostate Cancer Wristband
Model #

Prostate Cancer Wristband
Model # W3021

Prostate Cancer Wristband
Model #


Call Rick Ward for prices and with any questions (210) 404-2076 or email directly to  at    Bulk orders possible at discount.   Malecare, Inc.  is not related in any way to Rick or his initiative, but we are pleased to help him get the word out on prostate cancer. Thanks

Or, for more informaton, mail to: 
Richard L. Ward
16240 San Pedro St., No. 123
San Antonio, TX  78232-3004

IMPORTANT: Include a note saying which model # you want to order, the quantity, and where to ship them.  If you need an invoice, please write the name and address for invoicing and any special instructions. If you want Rick to be able to contact you with any questions about your order, please include your phone number or email address.

Please note that this purchase does not go to Malecare, nor does it benefit Malecare financially.  If you wish to make a tax deductible donation to Malecare, Please send a separate check to Malecare, Inc.   125 Second Ave, Room 13,    New York, NY  10003 

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